Diabetes Care Centurion

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Empowering and Supporting Patients with Diabetes

When you are living with diabetes, it helps to have specially trained experts on your team. At Diabetes Care Centurion, we aim to ease the burden of diabetes and improve the well-being of our patients through compassionate and individualised management of the disease through education, empowerment, and advanced treatments.

We are excited to announce the addition of a wheelchair-friendly unit at our facility! 

Conveniently located on the ground floor at Unit 4, 1004 Saxby Avenue, this unit offers close proximity parking and easy access for all. 

For our patients’ utmost convenience, we now provide specialized consultations with our doctor, podiatrist, dietitian, biokineticist, and ECG services in this accessible unit. 

Whether you require medical assistance or regular check-ups, our reception team will be more than happy to assist in booking your appointment at the wheelchair-friendly unit. 

Additionally, our facility is well-suited to accommodate elderly or frail patients, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment for their healthcare needs. 

Wheelchair Friendly Practice