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Changes to and restucturing of our Diabetes Care Team due to the envisaged retirement of Dr Dan Jackson and the joining of our team by Dr Nadia Joubert

Dr Jackson will still consult until the end of this year and dr Nadia has joined the team prior to the lockdown

Marlene Swarts has relocated, with her family,  to the Northern Cape

Elize Oosthuizen  will move to Administration  and Debyors and Dr Joubert’s receptionist, Lenie Potgieter,  will take over the reception at Diabetes Care

3 our scope of practice will be adapted  in line with our patients needs and also the needs recognized by the diabetes care team

3.1 to also treat acute conditions of our patients with Diabetes, to be able to

 minimize the effect, of the treatment,  on the  patients diabetes control and to management the diabetes control during this treatment period with the aim of not losing control  for an extended period

4 although we did, in the past, screen for some of the majors cancers we wil now follow a structured screening program for all major cancers, besides the diabetes management program

Adjustment to our mission and vision is called for as the role of education has evolved into a more softer approach of education and coachingveranderde mission en vision