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koronaoAt the end of the first lockdown period  today, and entering the second period we need to inform you of our arrangements during this difficult period.

During the initial period we issued two month repeat scrips did telephonic consultation and a few face to face consultations.

Now that it is obvious that the lockdown will not end soon and we had time to get our systems in place we will now continue to take appointments for face to face consultations,  of follow up patients six monthly appointments and new patients

Not only is there a risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus, but also a risk that your  diabetes control will get out of hand with dire consequences. Therefore we need to find a balance between keeping up your cardio vascular risk control, without subjecting you to the virus in the consulting rooms.

We are now well organized, at the rooms, to limit the risk of contracting the virus

If you have no symptoms that can indicate a viral infection, or had contact with a person that tested positive for the Covid 19 virus or had no contact with anybody that returned from an overseas visit, feel free to make an appointment

We will send a text message and an  e-mail to confirm the appointment,  to allow you to travel to our rooms

If you do have any symptoms that is indicative of a viral infection please contact our rooms for further advice. Facilities are available and in place at our @ Health Medical Centre for testing for the Covid -19 virus and further management of you the patient

Stay safe and keep your sugar controlled

From your Diabetes Care Team