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(This included Bonitas; AECI; Fedhealth; Nedgroup and Sasolmed (Excluding the Boncap option of Bonitas)

We have signed the Integrated Chronic Care program, of Medscheme.

We hope to start enrolling patients on the program as soon as possible.

When patients consent and are registered on the program they are entitled to the following benefits, in terms of their Diabetes management:

(This will be fully funded by the schemes for all enrolled members)

  1. A minimum of 2 extended dr’s consultations per year at our practice (Dr Olivier and Jackson)
  2. Diabetes educator two consultations with Mrs Rona van Tonder
  3. And appropriate on-site and laboratory pathology test for eg HbA1C, cholesterol and kidney function.
  4. Patients will also receive benefits to be referred to allied health professionals for screening and diabetes management such as a Dietician etc.

We look forward to welcoming back some of our Medscheme patients who was previously enrolled in the similar CDE program.

Phone Elize at reception today (012 6647831) to make an appointment and to sign consent for program enrollment.

Thank you for your support
Diabetes Care team