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The healthcare providers of the Centres of Diabetes Excellence formed a new group – SA Diabetes Net.  Representatives of this group are now negotiating with Discovery Health, to come to a sustainable agreement, regarding their Diabetes Care Program, to be known as the Discovery Care Coordination Network for Diabetes Care.

The deadline for the signing of the contract is the 25 th of October,  to be implemented by the 1st of November. There is however still a number of issues that needs clarification before we can sign the contract.It is our intention to proceed, permitting that we reach an amicable solution to our current concerns over the contract, and our understanding is that all our current Discovery CDE patients will automatically be transferred to the new Diabetes program funded by Discovery Health. We do not expect any interruption in your care or benefits.

We will update this site on a regular basis and will send text messages, on developments, to our patients on Discovery Medical aid.

We value your continued support and loyalty. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in this regard.

Thank you for your support
Diabetes Care team