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At the yearly congress of the CDE in August 2018, Dr Jonathan Broomberg addressed the forum and made it clear that Discovery Health (DH) is committed to chronic care programs and specifically to the DMP (Diabetes Management Program) of the CDE.  He made it clear that the program, which then only applied to the higher options of  DH,  met their expectations and that he wishes, in future, to extend the program to all DH options except Keycare.

The CDE business unit and DH engaged in negotiations to find a mutually acceptable Diabetes care model ie a model that is beneficial to our patients, affordable for DH and provide a reasonable income to the practices, caring for the patients with DM Diabetes Mellitus)

From March 2019 the “new model” was implemented in piecemeal fashion. From the outset it was clear that this model is not sustainable, as the income towards the Diabetes Centres were hopelessly inadequate and the administrational burden overwhelming. To compensate for the loss of income DH granted various additional add on amounts, which even further complicated the matter.

Despite all these setbacks we continued to provide the same services and managed care to our patients, and so did the other CDE branches. Unfortunately we lost the support and services of some of our allied services ie podiatry.

On the second of September DH notified the CDE that they will terminate their arrangement with the CDE at the end of October ie 31/10/2019
A circular from DH to their patients, on the CDE, dated 4/09/19, confirm the cessation of the arrangement. They continue to state that from 1 November 2019 “ members currently on the CDE program will therefore transit to a new Diabetes program as of 1  November 2019” .

We have no knowledge or insight into this new program, but are invited to discuss the program with DH.  The GP Diabetiologists, united as a group,  the. SA Diabetes Net. Representatives of this group did provide DH, with our input regarding special needs, challenges and and special requirements for the management of patients with DM.
They will now forthwith negotiate with DH to find an amicable arrangement that will enable us, the CDE centres of excellence, to continue managing patients with DM, on DH, from November onwards without interrupting the management care of the patients with DM

We will from now, keep you up to date as negotiations progress. The first meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday in Cape Town
Thank you for your support
Diabetes Care team