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“We are an essential service and open for business”

Visit the official COVID-19 government website to stay informed:


koronaoAt the end of the first lockdown period  today, and entering the second period we need to inform you of our arrangements during this difficult period.

During the initial period we issued two month repeat scrips did telephonic consultation and a few face to face consultations.

Now that it is obvious that the lockdown will not end soon and we had time to get our systems in place we will now continue to take appointments for face to face consultations,  of follow up patients six monthly appointments and new patients

Not only is there a risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus, but also a risk that your  diabetes control will get out of hand with dire consequences. Therefore we need to find a balance between keeping up your cardio vascular risk control, without subjecting you to the virus in the consulting rooms.

We are now well organized, at the rooms, to limit the risk of contracting the virus

If you have no symptoms that can indicate a viral infection, or had contact with a person that tested positive for the Covid 19 virus or had no contact with anybody that returned from an overseas visit, feel free to make an appointment

We will send a text message and an  e-mail to confirm the appointment,  to allow you to travel to our rooms

If you do have any symptoms that is indicative of a viral infection please contact our rooms for further advice. Facilities are available and in place at our @ Health Medical Centre for testing for the Covid -19 virus and further management of you the patient

Stay safe and keep your sugar controlled

From your Diabetes Care Team

Diabetes Care Centurion

When you are living with diabetes, it helps to have specially trained experts on your team. At Diabetes Care Centurion, we aim to ease the burden of diabetes and improve the well-being of our patients through compassionate and individualised management of the disease by education, empowerment, and advanced treatments. Our dedicated multidisciplinary diabetic team consists of GP Diabetologists, a lifestyle coach, a diabetes educator, a podiatrist, a biokineticist, dieticians, ophthalmologists, etc. and we are the Centurion branch of the Centres for Diabetes Excellence (CDE). We also follow the latest SEMDSA 2017 (Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa) guidelines for the management of Type 2 diabetes in South Africa.

Diabetes Care Centurion also offers comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessments for non-diabetic individuals with a risk of heart and blood vessel diseases. Our team uses current practice guidelines and the latest evidence-based treatments to provide the patient with individualised health care and education and to support the person living with a chronic condition in achieving their health goals. Diabetes Care Centurion is committed to support and guide our patients at all times, but especially during the difficult initial period after the diagnosis has been made.
Knowledge about diabetes is the first step toward living successfully with the disease, and Diabetes Care Centurion makes it our mission to supply the patient with self-care skills needed to control diabetes. We will be with you every step of the way!



DCC supports CDE

We are a member practice of the CDE (Centre for Diabetes Excellence).

DCC supports CDE

Accredited Pump Centre

For more information on the different types of pumps available at Diabetes Care Centurion, please contact us.

Accredited Pump Centre

Weight loss @Health

Do you just want to lose weight to look and feel better? We have the solution for you!

Weight loss @Health

Cardio Care Centurion

We offer a comprehensive screening assessment for both our diabetes patients as well as any other adult at risk.

Cardio Care Centurion

New ! CDE Club mobile app!

The app will provide four pillars of care – Discover, Act, Share and Reward and are available on both Apple and Android devices. The app is free for anyone and not just for people on the CDE Diabetes Management Program.

New ! CDE Club mobile app!

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